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Charlène APPRIOU

A "step by step" launch

« I am the daughter of market gardeners but I studied social law. It was only after a few years of professional life that the idea of market gardening really came to me.

I then decided to do a BTS in horticultural production in order to acquire the technical basics of the trade and I worked on a sandwich course at Nicolas, a producer in the cooperative. I then joined the family business where I have been working since July 2018. » tells us Charlène Appriou.


Charlène has taken shares in the family business and is gradually taking over the day-to-day management of the employees as well as the technical part of the crops: watering, temperature, Integrated Biological Protection, etc.

Her parents are increasingly leaving her to manage on her own. It is a progressive transmission. Thanks to this, Charlène benefits from their experience while quietly taking her marks.

A "step by step" launch

« we are accompanied by the cooperative  »

« A time of integration allows newcomers to discover all the services of the cooperative. It is an interesting time of exchange. There are also 'studi', groups of Savéol producers who are geographically close to each other and who meet regularly to exchange on different subjects: cultures, labor, ... »


For crop monitoring, Charlène can rely on her parents, but also on Savéol technicians who provide daily support to the cooperative's market gardeners.

« They spend every 15 days to accompany us on the subjects of integrated biological and technical crop protection. They are resource persons to whom we can ask our questions and whom we can call when they are not present. We never stay with unanswered questions at Savéol. It's really promising. »


« a look into the future  »

« I am convinced that we have already taken the right direction on many points: packaging, water recycling, integrated biological protection, pesticide-free range, Savéol Énergies Nouvelles ... We must continue to move in this direction. »

Thanks to the natural approach that has been in place at the Savéol cooperative for many years, we produce healthy and tasty products !

c appriou