Sustainable production

For Savéol growers, it is a matter of honour to put respect for nature at the centre of their focus.



Behind our food lies a whole productive sector, of which market gardening is but one part. As producers and consumers, we therefore have a part to play in preserving our environment. Savéol's producers put nature at the heart of their overall approach and activities. This is a choice defended by the directors of the cooperative as well as its members and is implemented through concrete actions.


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The marshlands are supplied with water via drilling and rainwater recycling. They use just the amount of water the plant needs to produce beautiful products. For this purpose, they closely monitor sunshine and adjust their spraying on a daily basis. Unused water is recovered and re-introduced into greenhouses. These practices have halved water consumption in ten years’ time. Since 2013, 100% of greenhouses have been equipped with this recovery system.

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The main source of energy used by producers is the sun -- however, its power is not always sufficient to heat the greenhouses. Market gardeners thus have to implement energy strategies to reduce their consumption as much as possible:


Investing in various tools such as thermal screens that keep heat in the greenhouses for longer periods of time. 85% of producers are equipped.


Computerised heating management also enables the most accurate consumption monitoring.


We aim to become energy producers thanks to the installation of cogeneration systems that, while heating the greenhouse, also generate electricity later sold to EDF, Brittany suffering from a high energy deficit. This technique is largely virtuous, reducing greenhouse energy consumption, improving the quality of our fruits, and cutting back greenhouse gas emissions. 55% of greenhouses are now equipped with them.                                                                                                                                                                           

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As to packaging, Savéol has been working for 15 years to develop alternative materials that respect the environment, an ecodesign approach that earned it the Ecotop trophy in 2007. Furthermore, Savéol actively engages in selective sorting on its farms as well as in its packaging stations. From cardboard to paper, wooden pallets, plastics and organic substrates, 90% of packaging station waste and 70% of greenhouse waste are recycled.

Insect farming

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