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Since its creation, Savéol has made a priority of innovating, from the seed to the plate, and has thus been able to position itself as a precursor and explore new paths and new markets. 


The passion for developing new tastes has stirred the cooperative to diversify its offer with new varieties as well as long-standing flavours updated to modern-day tastes through in-house experimentation on varieties, making Savéol a pioneer in tomato segmentation.  Savéol Horizons’ mission consists of improving both the functional quality and ethical values of its products, all the while bringing consumers new taste experiences. 

All the work carried out by the Research and Development team has been run since 2009, sheltered in the experimental greenhouse: Savéol Horizons. 2,500 m2 dedicated to growing no less than 210 plots of 15 plants each. The new varieties are tested on a 5-year programme and tasted by customers and consumers before being put into production. 

This diversity was built year after year, in line with the proposals of the seed houses and the work carried out by the marketing team on the changing patterns in the French people's expectations of food. 


Today, research is focused on complete fruit and vegetable baskets of all kinds, to encourage healthy and dietary eating while remaining true to Savéol’s values: fresh, tasty and avant-garde products. New products that always enhanced by innovative packaging.   

Customers expect this ability to innovate from us. It is up to us to have the boldness to think up, create and propose new products; move towards a range of services for consumers: offering taste, unexpected textures, and ultimately moments of sharing around the table

Pierrick Rault
Research and Development Director


Innovation is a catalyst for promoting Savéol Horizons’ work from the outset:


Innovating to serve nature


Innovating to serve people and producers by improving quality of work. Innovation in equipment has made it possible to do away with the position entailing the greatest duress in the cooperative by investing in a lid installation line.


Innovating to serve customers: In 2015, Savéol invested in an electronic calibrator that sorts cherry tomatoes and pigeon heart tomatoes, by size as well as by colour. This equipment will make it possible to provide a more regular gauge as well as a homogeneous colour in order to respond to the very precise demands of manufacturers who require calibre details down to the millimetre.


Products resulting from the diversification of its business now account for more than 1% of Savéol’s turnover. This was an essential choice toward ensuring the sustainability of the cooperative: surprising consumers, balancing out products, renewing the food offer available to the French. Mini-peppers, sea vegetables and cucumbers tell of the Savéol of tomorrow.