Our guarantee "free of pesticide residues"

How can you be sure that all pesticide residues have been eliminated?

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A pesticide residue is a residual active substance or a product resulting from its deterioration, found in or on fruit and vegetables. That residue results from the use of a synthetic phytosanitary product. The absence of residue is confirmed when analysis results show a value below the Quantification Limit (QL). This limit reflects the lowest concentration of a substance that can be quantified with an acceptable precision level: it is a technical threshold. Currently, for most pesticides, LQ is equal to 0.01mg/kg.


This limit should not be confused with the MRL, the Maximum Residual Limit, which is a regulatory threshold set to determine the concentration of pesticide residues beyond which a product may no longer be legally marketed.


Residue analyses are carried out regularly, according to a defined plan, on more than 250 active substances. These analyses are performed by an independent laboratory accredited by COFRAC: Capinov (29206 Landerneau)