Decorative Basket

Déco bourriche
  • A little Savéol Basket
  • A can of spray paint or paint and a brush to paint your basket
  • Sheets of heavy paper in different colours for the stars
  • A pair of scissors to cut out the star shape
  • A small hole-punch to attach the stars to the string
  • A 25 cm length of string to attach around the basket
  • A small piece of cardboard to personalise the basket
  • Tissue paper to place at the bottom of the basket

Give your Savéol baskets a second life with this little tutorial :


  1. Paint the entire basket with two layers of the desired colour, using either spray paint or a brush.

  2. Cut out ten or so small stars, or other shapes, using thick, coloured paper. It’s a good idea to make small holes using a hole punch or a compass.

  3. Thread the stars onto a string about 25cm long to make a garland that will encircle your basket (remember to knot it securely).

  4. Stick a small piece of cardboard to one of the small stars to finish personalising your basket (use as a name tag or match it to the colours/theme of your table).

  5. Place a piece of tissue paper in the bottom, then fill your basket with little surprises: Tea, sweets, chocolates, etc.