Strawberry grower

Gwennaelle Thobois

I've built my whole career at Savéol, from harvesting strawberries to head of tomato cultivation. When the operation I was working on went into administration last year, I seized the opportunity to buy back this 1.5 ha operation in Saint-Segal.


Supported by Jean-Jacques Le Gall, I took the steps to purchase it. Today, I am in the middle of the establishment process. We discover all the cooperative's careers: Technical, administrative. The visit to the Guipavas site in particular was very rewarding because as strawberry growers we are not familiar with the operation of this site. The most constructive thing is to be able to talk with others, comparing our management choices is very reassuring. This support was absolutely essential for me. My priority now is to continue to equip myself and improve my returns.

This sponsorship is crucial especially for young people who are not taking over a family farm. It is an incentive for generational renewal, which must also include integrating more women!

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