Savéol has instituted a governance structure adapted to its business lines. 12 market gardeners, elected by the members of the cooperative, make up the Board of Directors. Chaired by Pierre-Yves Jestin, the Board of Directors represents all members and sets out and approves the Group’s strategy. The latter is then implemented by the teams on the ground. The participatory aspect of the cooperative is extremely important: decisions are made according to collegial principles and each opinion must be heard and respected. The share capital is held exclusively by member market gardeners and may not be transferred to private companies.
Py jestin president
Guillaume Kerjean
François pouliquen

Pierre-Yves Jestin


  • Age : 43 years
  • EDUcation :
    1993 : higher technician’s certificate in horticultural production and market gardening from the Saint Ilan School of Horticulture.
  • professional background :
    1993 : one-year internship in a large-scale vegetable farming operation in California.
    1998 : established himself as market gardener on a 3.15-hectare tomato farm, in the municipality of Guipavas.
  • TIME AT Savéol :
    1999 - 2004 : Board Member of Groupement Maraîcher Brestois.
    2004 - 2013 : Board Member of Savéol (in charge of trade ).
    2013 - 2015 : Vice-Chairman of Savéol.
    Since 2015 : Chairman of Savéol.




  • Age : 40 years
  • EDUcation :

BTSA (Higher Agricultural Technician's Certificate), specialised in market gardening (22) and BTSA in Greenhouse Cultivation (66).


  • professional background :

1997 - 2000 : responsible for greenhouse tomatoes cultivation on a 2.5 ha (29) farm.

2000 - 2001 :  seconding grower at a 5-ha tomato production plant in the Netherlands.

2002 : created own business, with a 3 ha market garden greenhouse; founded Earl Lyco, with a 5 ha greenhouse facility, in partnership with 2 producers. This was extended by 2 ha in 2010 and 2014.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Board Member at the Savéol cooperative responsible for energy issues and investment aid to producers. 

2009: member of the "greenhouse energy" commission at national level for "Légumes de France" greenhouse garden growers. 

2011: Chairman of Carbogreen; 2014: member of the Savéol Select Committee (Treasurer)

2017: Vice President, Treasury



  • Age : 34 years
  • EDUcation : BTS (Advanced Vocational Training Certificate) in Horticultural Cultivation / Certificate of Specialisation in Accounting - Management
  • professional background :

2003: became part of family farm operation.

2006: established own operation.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 2014: Board Member of Carbogreen

Since 2015: Chairman of Carbogreen

Since 2016: Board Member at Savéol in charge of energy, two-person advisory in Purchasing and Procurement.

Since 2017: Vice President in charge of Trade



  • Age : 54 years
  • EDUcation : BTA (Agricultural Technician Certificate) and BTS (Higher Technician Certificate) in vegetable production / trained in IT management for agricultural companies – 1 year / SPOT 29
  • professional background :

    Strawberry producer.

    Around 2000 (3 years): Board member at FNPL.

    Around 2000 (4 years): Board member at CDJA.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

1992: Board member of La Presqu’île.

1999: Savéol strawberry segment manager.


  • Age : 52 years
  • EDUcation : Agricultural Engineer, graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Angers
  • professional background :

Sourcing Sales Manager for animal feed for 3 years.

2 mandates as Deputy to the Mayor, responsible for the environment in Guipavas, a municipality of 13,000 inhabitants...

1990: created own company.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 1993, Board Member at Savéol: 

- Treasurer

- In charge of the environment

- In charge of the stations and the supply chain

- Member of the Select Committee (Secretary)


  • Age : 46 years
  • EDUcation : Agricultural Technician's Certificate in Vegetable Cultivation / BTS (Higher Technician Certificate) in Greenhouse Cultivation
  • professional background :

Head of Cultivation for 1 and a half years

PBI technician at Savéol Nature for 3 years

1997: set up own operation


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Member of the Savéol Technical Committee for 5 years. 

2015: became part of Board of Directors in charge of Research & Development and Monitoring of agro-techniques and IBP.


  • Age : 47 years
  • EDUcation : Agricultural Technician's Certificate in Accounting and Management / BTS (Higher Technician Certificate) in Business
  • professional background :

Head of Cultivation for 3 years with Savéol producers.

1998: set up own operation

2004 - 2010: Board Member at the Mutualité Sociale Agricole.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 2010: Board Member in charge of quality and the environment


  • Age : 55 years
  • EDUcation : Graduate Degree in Trade and Milk Industries / Institute of Business Administration (IAE) in Caen
  • professional background :

Manager in the food industry for 20 years

2000: set up own operations


  • TIME AT Savéol :

2003: Board member. 

Member of the cooperative consortium project group (GMB and La Presqu’île). Treasurer of the cooperative for 10 years 


  • EDUcation :

1993: School of Management and Business in Le Mans

1994 - 1997: Marketing and sales research fellow at Disma International

(production and marketing of fruit and vegetables)

1997: Vocational Certificate of Agricultural Operations Manager, own operation in the production of strawberries in Plougastel


  • professional background :

1999: Set up own tomato production operation in Plougastel

2011: Association with Anne

2015: Extended surface area (5.5 ha)


  • TIME AT Savéol :

2014: Election to the Board of Directors of Saveol


  • Age : 45 years
  • professional background :

2010: Set up own operation on 2 x 2 ha site

2012: Extended operation with an additional 1.5 ha

2013: Installed co-generation

2016: Extended operation with an additional  1.3 ha

2017: Installed a second co-generation plant


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 2016: Carbogreen Administrator

Since 2017: Member of the Board of Directors in Savéol, in charge of packaging and supply chain stations


  • Age : 54 years
  • EDUcation : BTA (Agricultural Technician Certificate) in Market Gardening / BTS (Higher Technician Certificate) at Tradicopa / IDRAC Paris 2nd cycle Marketing Management / ESCAE Brest 3rd cycle International Agro-Food
  • professional background :

Prince of Brittany Vegetable Sales (4 years)

Commercial plants, René Briand market gardening Nantes (2 years)

Vice President AOPN Tomate / CCB


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 2004: Board Member, including 9 years as Vice President in charge of Trade.


  • Age : 49 years
  • EDUcation : Agricultural Technician's Certificate in Horticulture (BTAOH) / BTSA (Higher Agricultural Technician's Certificate), at the Saint Hilan school.
  • professional background :

1992: employed in cut flowers sector, in the United States (Minnesota).

1994: established own operations in cut flowers (Gerberas) - founded Elorn EARL.

1994: became member of La Presqu’île Fleurs Savéol.

2002: started in tomato production.


  • TIME AT Savéol :

Since 2011: member of the Board of Directors of Savéol (Member of the Technical Committee / Savéol Nature Advisor)

2012: participated in the Savéol Nature project

2014: served as reference producer for Savéol Nature