Sav'n Roll

  • 1 Globe Trotteuses shaker
  • Print out the template page
  • Kitchen string
  • 2 paperclips
  • A glue stick or scotch tape
  • A box cutter or a pin (to be handled by an adult)

During their travels, the Globe Trotteuses met a rock band...

If you also want to play music or be part of the band, come spend some time in their workshop!


Print-out Template: The neck of the guitarr


Step 1: Take a shaker and ask an adult to make 2 small holes at the bottom using a pin, for example.


Step 2: cut out your guitar handle and connect the ends by gluing the white tab inside, then cover your shaker with it.


Step 3: Take your cooking string and cut one piece to 30 cm long and another to 40 cm.


Step 4: Pass the string through the hole and tie it onto a paper clip to keep the string at the bottom of the shaker. If you don’t have a paper clip, add a piece of tape to the bottom of your shaker to hold the string in place.


Step 5: Stand like a guitar player and ask an adult to attach the end of each string to a belt loop on your trousers. The strings should both be stretched taught when you are in playing position.


Step 6: Now you’re ready to write your own rock songs! Strum the strings of your guitar, keeping them tight!


Tip: change the notes by playing along the whole length of the string. You can also add strings to your guitar!