The Musical seeds

graines musicales
  • 1 Globe Trotteuses shaker
  • The template page, printed out
  • Dry seeds: Lentils, chickpeas, beans, semolina or rice for example.
  • Two sheets of aluminium foil
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stick of glue

During their travels, the Globe Trotteuses encountered some musical seeds...

If you want to make music with seeds too, come spend some time in their workshop!


Download the template: The Maraca

Step 1: Cut around the outline of the maraca and glue the ends together by placing the white tab inside, then cover your shaker cup with it.


Step 2: Put a handful of dry seeds into your shaker cup (lentils, beans, semolina, rice, etc.).


Step 3: Take a piece of aluminium foil (about 15x30cm) and crumple it loosely until it fits into your cup.


Step 4: Cover your cup with a sheet of aluminium foil, taking care to cover the edge of your cup, then trim any excess foil with your scissors.


Step 5: Close your cup with the transparent lid.


You are now ready to play the maracas!


Tip: By changing the type and quantity of the seeds, you can have fun creating different sounds.