The Magician

  • A Globe Trotteuses shaker
  • The print-out template pages
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stick of glue and some scotch tape

During their travels, the Globe Trotteuses met a magician who can makes objects disappear... If you also want to impress your friends by making objects disappear, spend some time in their workshop!



How to make your magician

The print-out magician templates: 

The tomato and the shaker disc 1/4

The magician 2/4

The wand and hat 3/4

The magic table 4/4


Step 1: Cut out the magician, his hat, the disc, your magic wand and the tomato (front and back).


Step 2: Carefully glue the white disc onto the rim of a shaker as if to close it. Put your shaker on your magic table and make sure you cannot see the disc. Leave it there for now.


Step 3: To make the magician’s body, close his coat by sticking the white tab inside. Do the same for his hat and attach the two (magician+hat) by taping them inside.


Step 4: Roll your magic wand and stick the white tab inside.


Step 5: Glue both sides of the tomato onto a thin piece of cardboard card (from a cereal box, for example). You are now ready to do the trick!


To do the magic trick: 

Before your audience arrives, place next to each other on the magic table: The tomato, then the shaker, then the magician.

In front of your spectators, cover your shaker with the magician, saying that this makes the shaker magical. 

Then take the shaker dressed as a magician and place it over the tomato. Take your magic wand and say the magic words while waving the wand at the shaker. 

With one hand, hold shaker in place, with the other hand, lift the magician: The tomato has disappeared!!


Tip: You can do this trick with any small flat object (coins, photos, etc.)