Magic Butterflies

Papillons magiques
  • 3 Globe Trotteuses shakers
  • The butterfly page, printed
  • The magic wand and shaker no. 1 page, printed
  • Pages for shakers no. 1 and 2, printed.
  • Printed page for shaker no. 3
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stick of glue

A video of the magic trick: 


How to make your magic butterflies?

Step 1: Cut out the butterflies, the magic wand, the shaker covers and their bottoms.


Step 2: Take the red and white shaker cover and attach the ends by placing the white tab inside, then cover your shaker with it. Repeat for all three shakers.


Step 3: Take a Savéol bottom and glue the 8 small white tabs onto each of the white stripes of your shaker cover. Repeat for all three shakers.


Step 4: Roll your magic wand, then glue the white tab inside.


Step 5: Prepare your butterflies: stick them together back to back. Repeat for all eight butterflies 


To do the magic trick: 

Hid 1 butterfly between the shakers, before your audience arrives...

In front of the audience, place 3 butterflies on the table.

Then take the shakers and flip them over, placing them upside down one after the other between you and the butterflies. The butterfly hidden between shakers must end up under the middle shaker.

Place one of the 3 butterflies on the middle shaker and stack the shakers. Announce that the butterfly will go through the shaker.

Take your magic wand and pronounce the magic words while pointing the wand towards the shaker. Lift the 3 shakers: There’s the butterfly!

Repeat until 3 butterflies are under the shaker.

Then place a butterfly in your pocket and tell your audience that this one will join the others in the shaker.

Turn shakers upside down one after the other. Stack up the shakers, lift them... And voilà, 3 butterflies!


You are now ready to do the trick!

Tip: This trick requires a little slight-of-hand, practice alone before you do it in front of your audience.